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Build connections with diverse audiences.

We believe that the differences between us as individuals and communities is what makes life rich and meaningful. We help organizations that are looking to make a positive impact in the world listen, engage, build trust and connect with diverse communities.


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Connections built within diverse groups

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Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing

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Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing


Alaniz helped increase engagement among Black/African American adults to complete a survey about motivations and barriers related to Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing

UCSF Brain Health Registry

5,000 Latinos adults (55+) to volunteer in the Brain Health Registry study. Reaching, engaging, and building trust within this community were milestones that we not only achieved but exceeded.
Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing


Participants from the underrepresented groups (Black and Latino Adults) were asked to complete surveys online, schedule a visit with the clinic, and complete electronic neuroimaging scans, and blood tests, among other things.
Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing

Black Men’s Brain Health

Aimed at addressing health inequities in Black men through their first-ever inaugural event. The event was scheduled to take place in person. The initial goal was to secure 120 seats for any member of the scientific community and an additional 200 seats for any member of the public.

Meet The Team

Alaniz Marketing started in 2008 as a dream to help businesses grow. We saw companies reeling to adjust to a rapidly changing digital world and the marketing landscape was full of traditional agencies, one-dimensional specialists, and countless vendors peddling their particular product or service. But there was nobody to help companies pull everything together. So We Started Alaniz.

Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing

Roxanne Alaniz

Roxanne founded Alaniz based on her dream of helping businesses grow. Roxanne’s vision has propelled the company to become a fully integrated agency with core competencies in business strategy, advertising, digital marketing, and public relations.

Roxanne is a 25-year business and marketing veteran with experience ranging from owning and operating her own businesses to working with global brands as an advertising executive for ABC and Disney. When she’s not working, you can find her driving the California coast in search of the perfect wave and spending time with her family in Capitola.

Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing

Andrew Erickson

Andrew joined Alaniz as a partner in 2011 to manage our directional strategy and internal organization. Andrew has played a key role in integrating technology into our core service areas, including the development of our advertising, digital, and PR infrastructure.

Andrew has a 15-year background in consulting, business development, and integrated marketing and has done extensive work in the pharmaceutical, legal, and high tech industries. He is also fluent in several languages and was raised and educated abroad during his early years.

Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing
DEI Marketing Manager

Jennefer Sorce

With a strong background working with established B2B Saas companies and burgeoning startups, Jennefer is a valuable member of our team. She has a natural affinity towards data science, content management, and client relationship building. When not at work you can find her working in the garden and riding her bike.

Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing
Diversity Consultant

Jerome Clark

Jerome Clark is a marketing executive and consultant who has spent nearly two decades building brands for some of the most notable companies in the US and abroad including L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden/Revlon and Groupe SEB.  He has a natural passion for advising emerging and startup brands in the strategic areas of branding, digital & integrated marketing communications, e-commerce, and new product development. In his down time, he enjoys volunteering to serve his local community, working out and exploring his personal passions for art, music and travel.

Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing

Rose TenEyck

Rose joined Alaniz as a consultant to lead diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in our health care and clinical research division. She is a tenured advertising executive with roots in the San Francisco Bay Area and Harlem, New York, where she currently resides.

Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing
Marketing Coordinator

Karla Rice

Karla has a business background and has worked in multiple industries including the accounting and nonprofit sectors. She enjoys all aspects of digital marketing, especially content creation and she focuses on developing strong client relationships to help them achieve their goals.
Being born and raised in El Salvador, Karla moved to the US to attend college and now resides in Washington State. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, traveling and outdoor activities.
Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing
Lead Designer

Niki Hinkle

With over 13 years of in-house and agency design experience, Niki is a strategic and proactive creative, a perpetual learner, and a true nerd for detail. Her portfolio includes work for global, national, and local brands across a variety of industries including ai/tech, healthcare, finance, higher-ed, and more. Niki specializes in branding and has spent most of her career boiling down complex information to create clear and compelling visuals for her clients. She brings focus, empathy, and a passion for learning to every project.

When not working, you can find Niki lending her husband a hand in their home recording studio, taking a leisurely city stroll with her son, or sipping coffee and reading a book on the back porch.

Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing
Digital Advertising Manager

Nicholas Cain

Originally from South Africa, Nicholas moved to the United States in 2017 to experience a new culture. For the past 11 years, he has worked with Accenture and was recognized as their top analyst after successfully converting over 100 million Government assets to new ERP system. Nicholas works with our clients consulting and executing winning PPC campaigns from the top to bottom of the marketing funnel.

Alaniz Guide: Advertising to the Latino Market

Advertising to the Latino Market explains how country of origin and generation affect advertising strategy. You will also find tips on how to effectively reach the ever-growing Latino Market.

Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing

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Home, Alaniz Diversity Marketing

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