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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Healthcare

Making Brain Health Research More Equitable


ADNI: Alzheimer’s Disease and Neuroimaging Initiative.


ADNI3 needed Black and Latino adults to participate in its Alzheimer’s research study at various sites across the US when all previous efforts had failed. In order to qualify, volunteers had to complete surveys online, schedule a visit with the clinic, and complete electronic neuroimaging scans, and blood tests, among other things.

Alaniz was challenged with bringing 130 qualified participants total across 13 US research sites.

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Our social media campaign (May to Present) resulted in a total of 1,186,652+ impressions, 24,335+ clicks on our culturally-informed ads, and 3,216 web-based registrations in which prospective participants completed ADNI-3 eligibility pre-screeners. In total 987 qualified participants were referred to ADNI study sites.




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