Black Men’s Brain Health

Engaging diverse communities in conversations about brain health.

The Challenge

Black Men’s Brain Health was aimed at addressing health inequities in Black men through their first-ever inaugural event. The event was scheduled to take place in person. The initial goal was to secure 120 seats for any member of the scientific community and an additional 200 seats for any member of the public. However, due to a wave of increased covid cases, we had to pivot to hybrid mode. With only three months to plan, a tight budget, and COVID cases rising, we had to think quickly in order to reach our goal.

The Outcome

We ramped up our email campaign, assessed the data, and crafted a series of 14 personalized emails inviting, incentivizing, and reminding guests to attend. We promoted organically through social media and secured opportunities for cross-promotion with partners like the NFLA and AARP. Regarding the hybrid method, we held the public-facing portion of this event live on Facebook. The live stream was watched by over 3,000 people! In addition, we streamed the entire conference via Zoom which resulted in 665 virtual attendees. Moreover, the total number of in-person attendees was 239 which was double what we had set out to achieve.


Our Mission

Increase The Representation Of Black Men In Brain Science Research And To Reduce Brain Health Disparities Among Black Men.

A key aim of this first-ever conference series is to cultivate a culturally competent workforce committed to addressing Black men's brain health, cognitive aging, and Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia (AD/ADRD) research. This research fellowship program is a signature component of this Conference.

The Highlights


Virtual Attendees


Live Stream Views


In-Person Attendees

A Bold Brand For Research

To create a unique mark for the brand we went to the holy grail of NFL symbols, the Super Bowl ring. The unifying shapes and the way the typography filled those spaces gave birth to a direction that would be bold, recognizable, and work in different orientations and lockups.

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